Musa glauca

Eight seeds sown into coir pots after being soaked for three days. Genus: Musa Species: glauca Family Name: Musaceae Synonym: Ensete glaucum, Musa wilsonii Seed Catalogue No.: 888B English Name(s): Snow Banana, Banana Hardiness: Hardy, Half Hardy Lifecycle: Perennial Type: Alpines

Agastache astromontana

Flowering in as little as three months from sowing the seed and continuing in bloom for a very long period, this is a lovely new variety for your border. Beautifully fragrant, it produces very uniform, compact plants of an excellent base-branching habit and bears many long spikes of pretty pink-coloured…

Bomarea salsilla

This is a rather charming species from Chile, another twining climber bearing in early summer graceful, pendent umbels of long, delicately stalked, pink or purple, tubular flowers with blue and dark purple markings. 7ft (2.1m) Genus: Bomarea Species: salsilla Family Name: Amaryllidaceae/Alliaceae Synonym: Alstroemeria oculata Seed Catalogue No.: 207G Hardiness:…

Mandevilla laxa

Seeds from Chiltern seeds, sown into plastic plug pots, Genus: Mandevilla Species: suaveolens Family Name: Apocynaceae Synonym: Mandevilla laxa Seed Catalogue No.: 845 English Name(s): Chilean Jasmine Hardiness: Half Hardy Lifecycle: Perennial Type: Climber Colour: White Cream

Sensitive Plant

MIMOSA PUDICA Sensitive Plant This plant, found growing in Southern Italy, actually moves. It’s difficult to resist gently touching the leaves and watching them fold up in front of your very eyes. It’s thought the plant does this to look unappetising by ‘playing dead’ to protect itself from grazing animals.…