Perovskia blue spire

Perovskia blue spire

5 cm pot purchased at Wilko, for £3.00. Perovskia are deciduous subshrubs with aromatic, deeply divided, grey-green leaves and large, open panicles of small tubular blue flowers from late summer
Named after the type of landscape (taiga – coniferous forest region lying between tundra and steppe) the original species might have been found in Afghanistan.

‘Blue Spire’ is an erect small deciduous sub-shrub to 1.2m, with white stems bearing deeply-divided, aromatic greyish leaves. Small violet-blue flowers in large plumy panicles in late summer and autumn

Genus: Perovskia

Species: atriplicifolia

Variety: ‘Taiga’

Family Name: Lamiaceae/Labiatae

Seed Catalogue No.: 974J

English Name(s): Russian Sage

Hardiness: Hardy

Lifecycle: Perennial

Colour: Blue

Flowers: July, August