Sensitive Plant

Sensitive Plant


Sensitive Plant

This plant, found growing in Southern Italy, actually moves. It’s difficult to resist gently touching the leaves and watching them fold up in front of your very eyes. It’s thought the plant does this to look unappetising by ‘playing dead’ to protect itself from grazing animals. The leaves recover and perk up after about an hour. Try not to prod it too much!  With a profusion of pale pink pom-pom shaped flowers, it is grown purely as an ornamental. Its Latin name, pudica,means ‘shy, bashful or shrinking’.  Seeds from Franchi.  Seven sown into individual coir pots.

Caution: the stem has sharp thorns and the plant is toxic in large quantities.


Genus: Mimosa

Species: pudica

Family Name: Leguminosae/Fabaceae

Seed Catalogue No.: 871

English Name(s): Sensitive Plant

Hardiness: Half Hardy

Lifecycle: Perennial

Suitable for: Baskets & Containers

Colour: Pink/Rose